lördag 18 mars 2023

Small pin lot SNAP and NSDAP

Bought these from the son of a Swedish doctor that where traveling Germany after the war and possibly picked up the German items there.  It's a interesting mix of some rare Swedish and German political party pins

S.N.S.P party pin with yellow and blue enamel marked sporrong stockholm

SNSP supporter pin with bronze swastika on blue enamel

German day badge 2.Nordmark-Treffen 23.24.5 1936, in aluminum depicts the 3 SA men, below a stylized eagle

Hitlers election badge JA 12 11 1933,  "Yes" badge to support Hitler in the election on November 12, 1933

NSDAP  party enameled badge Pin, manufactured by Paul Meybauer

NSDAP supporter metal pin

Thank you Fredrik for these!

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