tisdag 21 februari 2012

onsdag 8 februari 2012

Luftwaffe Sword by maker SMF

Very nice nicle silver Luftwaffe sword bought from Rivermilitaria in the US

SA dagger by maker Kober

Very nice SA dagger with a dark etched motto and unttouched screws and nut

Army Dagger by maker Puma

Very nice Army dagger bought from WAF member Wags

tisdag 7 februari 2012

KM Costal Artillery by Schewerin

Heavily repaired Schewerin Costal artillery badg in tombak

German Eagle order 1st class

One of the most beutiful award of the time

Wehrmacht glasses

Still dont know if these was real or not either way they are not in my collection anymore but still nice items. Always have wondered what the RAR company might have been.

GAB 50 - Marked RK

This is my best find ever got this GAB 50, GAB, EK2, CCC in silver, Estern front, KVK2  from Craigslist last year at the asked price of 1250$

But I guess nobody thought there would be any genuine items behind the extremely bad picture taken by the seller (right picture). Still owe Kengir from WAF bigtime for his help

DAF desk piece

I like this one even though it probably isnt from pre -45, Anyhow its made with a high degree of craftmanship.

Luftwaffe Transport Clasp

Another WAF buy this unmarked tombak clasp will hopfully arrive soon

Order of the German Eagle with Star (Deutscher Adlerorden mit Stern)

Two high end German Eagle order reproductions sold to make room to an Luftwaffe Transport Clasp