tisdag 28 augusti 2012

British MKI para helmet

Got this nice helmet from Karl in Malmö.

It is a very early version of the fibre-rim British MKI para helmet. Light weight shell . The liner is the early type made from alternating blocks of fibe and rubber. The outside appears to have been re-painted

M40 DD Police Helmet

Got this nice helmet from Karl in Malmö. Extremely nice helmet with close to no wear,

måndag 27 augusti 2012

Small but exclusive medal lot from Florida

Got these items after answering a sales ad (Craigslist) with some extremely bad pictures.

After requesting some help on WAF fellow member KenGir helped me out and I got some better pictures and two week later this incredible package arrives.

Seller got this from a friend of his father who was a US soldier working in Germany after the war.

Thanks Frank and Kengir

Great lot from NC

This is my favourite lot by far, some very nice items. Bought in 2011
Thanks Kevin

Helmets and beltbuckle lot in Stockholm

2012-06-05 Got a day off an drove to Stockholm to make two purchases one big lot with swords,buckles and medals and one with the two almost mint condition helmets.

Thanks Mikael and Janne

AH Kampzeit portrait from Olympic games 1936

'Kampzeit' period wood chromolithograph portrait of Adolf Hitler bought from a nice older Lady in Malmo

I was told by the seller that this item was given to her parents as a gift from AH himself when they attended the Olympic games in 1936. I am waiting for some personal photos that they did take during the Olympics.

Thanks Jane

UK paratrooper and two German helmets

Whent down to Malmo and picked up a small helmet lot from a very nice old gentleman that has answered my add.

At the age of 15 in may 1945 he got these helmets while attending a scout meeting on in Danemark right at the border to Germany. The local Danish scout organisation had collected alto of helmets from soldiers passing on there way to back to Germany.

He mentioned that a helmet costed 10 cigarettes and a SS dagger about packs :-)

On the way back to Sweden the Swedish customs didn't like the items they bought back but they told them it was for a war museum that they should start back in Sweden.

Its one DD M40 Police helmet, M40 Army helmet and a Brittish paratrooper helmet.

Thanks Karl

tisdag 7 augusti 2012

LW Sword by SMF, nr2

This is my second early nickle silver Luftwaffe sword, this one has very nice leather to the handle and scarab and decent amount of silver finish left.

M42 SD Army helmet

Another nice helmet with a very nice and soft leather liner and a overall good condition, a keeper for sure

DD M35 Police Helmet

Extremely nice DD helmet with unfotunatley not with me anymore, cant keep them all.