lördag 28 februari 2015

Instant Luftgewehr collection

Picked up this littel group of items during a visit to Upsala.
Thanks Bo

Kurt Muller, Blitz. Sold by Siga in Sweden
Home made, based on Haenel 49a
Haenel 33 Junior
Haenel 33 Senior
Anschütz 275
Hanel 310
Mars 100
Mars 100
Mars 115
Mars 115
CZ vz47
Bonna 51? "with Swedish airdefence training attachment"
Hakim ag m/42, made by anschutz
Haenel 49 in Swedish Mauser M/96 stock
M/96 based on Excellent parts (home made)
Tell (Mars)
Mars 86

fredag 13 februari 2015

Police Degen lot

I took a small trip during the week and picked up this nice lot of items. I am really happy with the collection especially with the family related paper items!
Thanks you very much for the nice contact and for selling these to me Frank!