lördag 2 augusti 2014

German stamps and silver coin lot

Another nice lot that I got this summer. Thanks for selling these to med Tomas

EK1 1914 w/disc and EK2 mm 65

Got these from Lars in Trelleborg.  His father was active working with the Red Cross in Trelleborg.  These awards was given to him as a gift by one of the refugees who where quartered in tens and schools 

EK1 1914. First of is a Imperial Iron Cross firs class. Its made of silver and is of very high quality. Its nicely marked with a silver content stamp '800'

EK2 1939. Iron Cross second class, in nice condition and marked '65' for maker Klein & Quenzer, Idar/Oberstein 

Thanks Lars

KM Dagger - Unmarked blade

Well worn unmarked P. Weyersberg. The plain unmarked blade is excellent and fits perfectly into the scabbard. The handle is also very good. Thanks Kent