söndag 4 juni 2023

Some bayonettes,blackpowder and airweapons lot

I tooks a nice sunny trip to the eastcost today and picked up this nice lot of items from a couple of sellers. 

Thanks Jan, Fredrik and Daniel for this!

The lot consist of 

Swedish high top M21 helmet

Ottoman empire flintlock pistol

Two percussion pistols in steel and one double bareled

Swedish M/1815-49  converted from flintlock

Swedish M/1854 for the navy manufactured by Huskvarna faktori 1859

Swedish bayonet M1896

Three Swedish bayonette M1914

Swedish AK4 bayonett

Italian bayonet ww2

Unknown bayonet probably Austria

Crossman SR357 CO2 pistol

Gamo airpistol

Gamo airrifel s600 custom

German hitlerjugen scout knife

German luftwaffe ground assault badge

German Ironcross 

German dogtags, panzer

Blackpower hunting rifel, might be indian made

Two old blade bayonettes yet to be researched

Aluminium hilted Argentinian sabre bayo

Swedish army "HUGGARE" m/1757-1856, marked S.K.R. 70

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