torsdag 22 november 2012

RAF Veterans Souvenir lot

Bought this small lot from Per-Åke i Stockholm, thanks alot for the great items!

This items was bought to Sweden from a Brittish RAF veterans who took part in the the invasion of Normandy.

The veteran has passed on and the relatives wanted to get rid of these items.

The lot Consists of :
Two MG15 Anti Air Sights

Cleaning chain for the Mauser K98

Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Shoulder board

Army Green Steel army buckle, marked CTD 1942

Armband - Hilfskrankenträger

Gascape pouch marked with owners name

KM Calendar with some writing - Der Soldatenfreunds. Ausgabe B. Kriegsmarine Taschenjahrbuch fur die Wehrmacht mit Kalendarium fur 1943

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