måndag 28 januari 2013

US medal / insignia - 8TH Infantry Division

Bought this nice grouping from Sölvesborg, thank you Eva

It seems to be originating from one person from  the US 8th Infantry Division that has pinned up his WW2 awards and insignia after his discharge. Unfortunately the seller didn't know anything about the history of the items.

8th Division patches
Marksman awards
World War II Honorable Discharge Patch
World War II Honorable Discharge Pin
Purple Heart
Good Conduct Medal

Assignments in the European Theater of Operations

30 November 1943: Attached to First Army.
24 December 1943: XV Corps.
1 July 1944: VIII Corps, attached to First Army.
1 August 1944: VIII Corps, Third Army, 12th Army Group.
5 September 1944: VIII Corps, Ninth Army, 12th Army Group.
22 October 1944: VIII Corps, First Army, 12th Army Group.
19 November 1944: V Corps.
18 December 1944: VII Corps.
20 December 1944: Attached, with the entire First Army, to the British 21st Army Group.
22 December 1944: XIX Corps, Ninth Army (attached to British 21st Army Group), 12th Army Group.
3 February 1945: VII Corps, First Army, 12th Army Group.
2 April 1945: XVIII (Abn) Corps.
26 April 1945: XVIII (Abn) Corps, Ninth Army, 12th Army Group, but attached for operations to the British Second Army in the British 21st Army Group.

8th Infantry Division arrives at Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, 1945

Source http://www.history.army.mil/books/Lineage/M-F/chapter7.htm

onsdag 2 januari 2013

1936 Olympic & Book lot

After a friendly contact by phone I drove to pick up this nice lot some miles north of Stockholm.
It consists of the personal belongings of a lady that immigrated to Sweden in the 1930-ties

1936 Olympics
Nice personal photo album, with the entrance tickets and Olympic program
Olympic Porcelain Bell
Olympic flag
Participant pin
Special book on the Olympic
Daily books from the
Daily books from the

NSDAP Pennant
NSDAP 1935 Pennant
Table Flag
Imperial paper flag.

Extremely big lot of items both German and Swedish

Other Items:
Daybadges/Tinnies and organisation pins
Framed picture of glider plane - D. Groenhoff 16