söndag 26 januari 2014

Silberne Medaille für Rettung awarded to Swedish hero!

Bought these nice items from a nice lady in Helsingborg yesterday. The lot comes from the home of a Swedish captain that saved some German sailors that got shipwrecked in 1911 and thanks to this was awarded the silver medal and a pair of binoculars with a dedication plaque.

The extra two pairs of binoculars also comes from the captains estate.

Silber Medaille Fur Rettung Schiffbruchiger Auf Hoher See. Am 6. Nov 1911
Carl Zeiss Jena. Swedish Military Binoculars. Marked Forstoring 8ggr. Crown with a i beneath
Binoculars in leather case with dedication plaque
Unknown binoculars
Kerosene lamp with reflectors possibly military as I can see some green/grey paint under the black paint.

Thank you Kerstin!

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