tisdag 9 oktober 2012

American B-17 Lot

I went on a trip to Eskilstuna to pick this small but rare grouping up

B17 parts
Pilot steering wheel
Pilot leather helmet
Pilot googles
Oxygen tank


The big cartridge is for the german WW2 12,7 cm S.K. C/34 and/or 12,7 cm Abkomm Kanone L/35 (which was the sub caliber system for 38 cm S.K. C/34 and i think 40,6 cm S.K. C/34 as well.).

Smaller cartridges ones, german WW2 3,7 cm S.K. C/30.

The shell is the early model 3,7 cm Spgr. L/4,1, which had a self destructor that was ignited by the tracer.

Thanks for the info Zünder & Frans H @ WAF

Big thank you to Fredrik for selling me these

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